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1. It is slightly embarrassing to me how absolutely hooked on this show I am.

2. Yay for my old people! I know some people hate Gretchen's voice, but I think she's FUNNY! "66 year old women should not be doing this!" Hee!

3. Rob, meet Karma. Karma meet Rob. While I still think they'll be the ultimate winners (which will bum me out slightly), I danced in my living room when his manipulation spurred the other teams on to a better flight.

4. Kelly? Hush, baby, before you make an even bigger silly of yourself.

5. Jerome the Gnome? Loved it!

6. I want the $20,000 in Travelocity bucks. Awesome prize. And it's enough so that Ron and Kelly can take separate vacations.

7. Why on earth do people in Istanbul WEIGH THEMSELVES ON THE STREETS?

8. Weren't you surprised by how little Uchenna and Joyce were ahead at the beginning of the leg? Shave your head and only be ahead by TWO MINUTES? Yikes.

9. Oh, dear. Next week everyone yelling at each other. Killer Fatigue is hitting big time.


I love this show!

Why oh why do the wrong teams get the non-elimination rounds!!!
And then they get a huge prize AND a night at the four seasons. No fair!

Oh CBS had a good time making Rob look the fool last night.

I am SO in Rob and Amber's corner. I may be the only one left...
but Rob cracks me up and Amber is really a great gal under pressure.

How great that Gretchen climbed that ladder!
No that was amazing.
Why didn't Meredith do that task?

marc and i were extremly disappointed in meredith for being such a girly-man and making gretchen climb the tower. what a weenie!

rob needs to just go away. i sure wish i could be a fly on the wall when he sees his own stupidity on the show!

when ron and kelly were not eliminated, i actually threw the remote control and shouted an expletive. you KNOW who's next to be eliminated.

(i still contend that i only watch the show because on some primal level, i'm waiting to see ron/amber and rob/kelly come to blows.)

Smock and Miz B, I think the reason that Meredith didn't do the ladder is that there is a limit on how many roadblocks one person can do. Each can only do 6. Based on what they have chosen in the past, he may be bumping close to his limit, and they chose to have her try it. In fact, they may have had NO choice, depending on how many he has done. That was Zack's take on the thing.

Teams have made really dumb moves in the past, letting the guys do stuff that they should have let girls do. It nearly always bites 'em in the you know what later.

Plus, I'm not sure that Meredith would have been any better at it than she was. She's a tough old bird.

I missed it! I was being doula for the day at my friends birth. She had the baby at 5:30 and although we were all packed and on the way home by 7:30 I didn't get to my house till the show was over. kenny gave me the re-cap but I wish I could have seen whiney Gretchen climbing a rope ladder.

I love Rob and Amber and although their character was a bit tarnished after passing the wrecked brothers, I still hope they win.

I also think that Meredith just doesn't have the overall strength that Gretchen does. The only time he ever does complain is about how tired he is.

I'd like to like Rob but he has a cruel streak that just keeps showing up...

Yeah, I don't care what you say. Meredith is a total girl. Tough broad or not. She fell in a cave, the very LEAST he could do is scale the highest tower to fetch a key for his Princess . . .

The Amazing Race = one more reason to own a PVR.

It seems to be the case that whenever anyone gets a little to big for their britches then they have a universal karmic adjustment coming their way. And lo and behold look what happened.

Don't fret the old people losing, ye of little faith. They finished so far ahead of the other two teams that it should be able to help them in the event of any stupendously egregious follies on their part. And the Ron and Kelly have no money and no possessions.

I was absolutely doing a dance, jumping out of my chair, etc. waiting for Rob & Amber to discover that the other two teams were two hours ahead of them. HA! The whole time R&A, R&K were sitting around talking about how dumb the other teams were, that they were info leeches, I just wanted to SLAP them!

MamaT, I thought the same thing about the separate ;)

Oooh, oooh, ooooh, I read that Meredith broke three small bones in his foot during the elephant pushing thing. That might be a reason he didn't climb.

This season starts screening here in Australia next Thursday, so I'm still bummed about Freddy & (cough*bigot*cough) Kendra beating Kris & Jon.

On the plus side, they were filming in my state two weeks ago - in the city (Melbourne) and then along the Great Ocean Road, so that's cool!



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