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Once, it was the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club. Now, bigger, better, and more impressive than ever, it's

The Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club!

And check out their store, where you can get absolutely GROOVY hats with "Papist" on them. I want a t-shirt with that, but they only have sweatshirts. Bummer. Don't they know how hot it is down here in Texas?

I betcha I could sell 20 Papist t-shirts in 30 minutes at my parish.

PBXVI Fan Club, are you listening?


I'm listening. =) I don't have access to Photoshop right now, but I'll work on some 'Papist' t-shirts w. the new URL's this week. If you have any specific items you'd like to see, or requests for slogans, let me know. I believe Fr. Sibley (Saintly Salmagundi) already has a t-shirt with 'The German Shepherd' on it.


Christopher -

I vote for "the cafeteria is closed" in Latin that I've been seeing floating around the blog world for the last couple of days for a slogan.

MamaT, while there is great love for Mr. B's site (in both incarnations), you might have trouble selling the shirts at our parish, as most of us already own at least one (three, for my family, and either 4 or 6 mugs).

I'll probably get one of the sweatshirts in a few months as we threaten to approach those chilly months when I keep the AC off in my home.


They do so have on the sweatshirt and they will be displayed.

I second the idea of items with, "The Cafeteria is Closed." Perhaps with a picture of Benedict XVI. Also, with the words "Habemus Papem," on the back. Just an idea. ;-)



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