Friday Feast, ya'll!

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Which keys do you have on your key chain?

What is the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

SaladWho is the best cook in your family?

Main Course
If you were to write a "how-to" book, what would the title be?

Name a recent fad you've tried.

I'll answer in the comments boxes with you!


1. Keys? Hmmmm. Keys to three cars. Keys to my house and my mom's house. And one anonymous key that I don't recognize!

2. Spontaneous thing? I'm not spontaneous, but I knew that I was in love with PapaC when I knew that I would pull up my stakes to follow him to Colorado if he asked. (He didn't, I didn't, and it's a whole long story how it all ended up working out.)

3. Best cook? ME! Only cook? Me! Except for grilling. Then PapaC can do it if he tries.

4. My How-To Book? How to Live in Ordinary Time, or How to Make Feasts Feastable and Fasts Fastable

5. Recent Fad? I was going to say I don't do fads, just like I don't do spontaneity :-), but I remembered! I do have an MP3 player! AHA! I have a fad!

  1. Keys: house (front and back doors), rental houses, cars, office, church (office, sanctuary).
  2. I'm not terribly spontaneous. But last year I took off four days from work to help out a friend who needed an accompanist for the last week of her tour.
  3. Cook: It's me, hands down. Better than all my brothers and sisters and their spouses, and definitely better than any of my in-laws!
  4. How-to: probably "How to make healthy and tasty Chinese food and still maintain a faithful catholic music program while working an exhausting, soul-killing bureaucratic day job."
  5. Not terribly faddish, I fear. But I'm using "real salt," which purports to be more natural than the chemically concocted stuff you get at the supermarket. It certainly tastes better!

Keys - I have 2 rings, one for each car I drive. They have the car key, and a house key. That's it!

The most spontaneous thing I have done is get engaged 6 weeks after the first blind date.

The best cook in the family is yours truly, but I will most likely be eclipsed by a daughter or two shortly.

A how-to-book? How bring the whole fam-damly to church and still pray.

Recent fad? I bought a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

Which keys ...

I purged and let the kids have all mystery keys...probably something I will regret soon. So just two, m'casa m'coche

Ha Ha! Moved to Texas!


Main Course
I feel pretty solid in my research for a "How Not To" series.

I still love making marble magnets. And after my girl I can't get enough of the color pink.

MamaT...I'm still waiting to see the tennis pics of PapaC

keys: one to the house and one to the tank
most spontaneous: [edited for content]
best cook: marc. but, i am the best eater, so that should count for something.
"how-to" book: how to survive yourself
fad: does blogging count? if so, that's it.

keys: my car, his car, the office. No house keys, we don't lock it up
most spontaneous: decided to marry my husband
best cook: me. bar none
"how-to" book: how to have a baby
fad: can't think of one

In clockwise order:
7 for work, 2 for PO boxes (1 for work, 1 for non-profit I'm treasurer for), 1 apartment, 3 for my car, 1 for my wife's car, 1 for my bike.

Well, "most" spontaneous would be something small and trifling, but craziest thing that I've done spontaneously was decide at 5 PM to go to NYC (from Chicago) and leave by 7 PM that same evening.

Mama-Lu, no question, though I make a mean schnitzel (actually, she makes it better, but she lets me make it 'cuz I can) and the grill is *mine*.

How to land a wife way too good for you.

Absolutely non unless blogging counts.

Appetizer: House key
Soup: Pushed my brother off a dock, then jumped in just so he couldn't climb out and return the favor. (Short life still)
Salad: Ego ipsa
Main course: How To Fry Computer Components (Special Tips on Hard Drives and Modems)
Dessert: None. I'm dieting.

Keys to car, house, and mail box.

Spontaneous? Moving to Texas. Mos Def.

La mejor cocinera, mi madre!

Main Course
"How to attract stray animals to your home"

Oh, my lovey yoga is just so darn fadish.

1. Keys? Nothing exciting, house, cars, speedpass for buying gas

2. Spontaneous thing? Decided to stay in San Salvador until the adoption of my son was complete, knowing that the other woman who did that was there for almost three months.

3. Best cook? Me, but that's not saying much.

4. My How-To Book? How to survive a two-year adoption process without going totally insane.

5. Recent Fad? I joined one of those women-only 30 minute workout places.


Keys: my house and property, my car, my mother's house and her little house, and my MIL's house and garage apartment

Spontaneity? Your pick: everyday when I do not take my temperature and simply throw caution to the wind (I have four children). We went to France and drove all over the country for two weeks on our own with two little children

Best Cook? Me. So much so that when my birthday rolled around last year and my mother offered to throw me a little family birthday party (my favorite kind) I had to cook.

How to . . . make a souffle

recent fads: Curves

1. Keys: My car key, hubby's car key, house key, and two work keys.

2. Spontaneous thing: I'm totally not a spontaneous person. I have to plan everything out oh-so-carefully. (I think they call that anal-retentive).

3. Best cook: My hubby, definitely. He cooks every night. I'm a lucky girl!

4. My How-To Book: How to Drive Your Husband Nuts Without Even Trying

5. Recent Fad: Blogging! I just started blogging a few weeks ago...don't know if you'd call it a fad, though.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Keys: Um...I'd have to find them first before I could answer.

Spontaneous: Another "um"....I guess I'm too much of a control freak to do anything spontaneously.

How-To: How to Make a Really Decent Pie Crust. I have a great recipe and it works every time. The book I could NEVER write would be entitled "How Not to Eat It". But that's the book I'd need to read, let me tell 'ya.

Fad: I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I had my hair highlighted recently, and felt like a hussy afterwards. Everyone likes it but me. It feels faddish to have done it, and isn't something I'd do again. Someone please rescue me from my own stodginess, please.

I forgot the COOK one: That would be me, except for pancakes, which my hubby has mastered and perfected.

Keys: Two cars and someone else's house. Not my own.

Spontaneous thing: I think of myself as pretty spontaneous, but most spontaneous? Well, the last thing I can think of is taking a half-day to drive around Mt. Ranier last fall when I had some extra time on a business trip.

Best cook: Me. It isn't saying much.

How-to book: Hold your head high in spite of your perpetually dirty car

Fad: Blogging. And buying a Cardinal Ratzinger mug.

Appetizer: Two sets of car keys, one house key, one firebox key, two unidentified

Soup: Spontaneous? Hmmm. Our decision to homeschool was rather spontaneous but that was 8 years ago....

Salad: Me. Although dh is a very good cook. I learned all I know from him. I just get more practice as I cook every day and he cooks about twice a year. 17 yods is learning quickly and will be a very good cook some day.

Main Course: How Homeschooling Saved our Family (the story of a boy who went from Ritalin to Honor Student in a few short years)

Dessert: Fad? Me? Oh, I did use my teens' DDR (dance pad) for exercising for a few weeks last summer. Talk about funny!

1-House, a friendís house, cars, my late fatherís motorcycle (I donít have the motorcycle, just a key!) and some keys I donít know but I donít want to get rid...of just in case....

2-Went with school friends from Milwaukee to Madison, WI in the middle of the night to buy doughnuts. Stupid, but fun at the time.

3- My husband

4- ďBe Not Afraid: Pick-Up That Phone and Make the First Step to Becoming Catholic!!!Ē

5- iTunes? (Is that a fad? I dunno.) Blogging?

App: House key, barn key, car key, bicycle lock key, and a SAint Benedict cross (you can probably tell I was soooo happy about the new Pope's ame.)

Soup: Moving to the Northwest Territories of Canada (just east of Alaska). Still here.

Salad: I'm the best cook, but my husband BBQ and sphaghetti sauce could make you cry, it's so good.

Main: How to go from an angry radical feminist, to a happy faithful Catholic.

Dessert: Ummmm....... I dunno, blogging, I guess. It's not a fad, but I learned to drive a car sixweeks ago! (I'm 28.)

Appetizer: Car. House. Studio. Parents' house.

Soup: Probably throwing a multi-course dinner party for twenty when I planned it, shopped for it, invited folks over, cooked it, and served it starting at noon on the day the idea popped into my head. Either that, or going to Berlin on the spur of the moment 15 years ago.

Salad: There are really only two contenders, my cousin Mario and I. He is Neapolitan, so we cook different things, making it hard to tell. Of the things that we both do, somethings I am better at, somethings he is better at. No one else in the family (except perhaps one of the cousins in Italy) comes close.

Main Course: How to Pick Better Literature to Read than This Stupid Self-Help Book.

Dessert: Making my own liverwurst. OK, so it's not really a widespread fad, but they are sure into it at the Keilholtz household.

Appetizer: House, Had a dorm key up until yesterday, Parish, and Post office.

Soup: I' not very spontaneous... I did go to Honduras over spring break, though.

Salad: My mom and I are basically equally good cooks now, and I probably cook more.

Main Course: How-to Survive Catholic-in-name-only Colleges

Dessert: The wrist-bracelets. Mine is a white pro-life one.



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