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Got back home yesterday afternoon after a fun and refreshing couple of days shopping, eating and watching movies with my dearest SisterM. Both of our birthdays are in February, so we decided last year to not give one another gifts, but to take a weekend away for "girls time." It was a GREAT decision.

This year, we went over to Grapevine (not very far from home, but far enough to be "out of sight, out of mind"). We shopped the giant outlet mall (spending < $50 each for the whole weekend--woo hoo!), went to see THREE movies (Miss Congeniality 2, Hitch, and The Upside of Anger), all of which we liked, and drank enough diet Cokes to last until this time NEXT year. We stayed up late to talk and slept late (hey, past 7 IS late for us mommy types!) and ate yummy french fries, M&Ms and popcorn.

Now, it's back the the "real world"....... Sigh.....


Oh I am SO jealous!! I do not have a sister I could do that with *sniff*. This is why I wanted a sister (but I got two!) for my oldest daughter - so she could have special moments like these. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I am VERY happy for you!!

Alice, I don't have a "born that way" sister, so I just picked one! I think that my sisterM and I are REALLY sisters, it was just an accident that we had different families. So if you don't have a ready made one? Make one for yourself!

Friends are family we choose for ourselves!

dontcha just love that mamaT picks her own sisters? i highly recommend it for those of you who'd like to have a sister of your very own.

Yes, Smock, 'cause how else would I have gotten YOU????? Smooch!



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