Interesting tidbit from Agape Press:

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...Many Christian schools, put off by the racy and suggestive cheers
taught at secular cheerleading camps, are opting instead for faith-based
camps and competitions. Unlike the short skirts and bare midriffs of
secular cheerleading, Christian camps have modest uniforms, cleaner music
and dancing, and a stronger focus on good sportsmanship.

The Georgia-based Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders works with 15,000 cheerleaders a year in camps and competitions, with a staff of 100 coaches. A North Carolina company, the Christian Cheerleaders of America, teaches
another 7,000 cheerleaders a year. The camps work just like secular ones, but
with Bible study and devotional time added in mornings and nights. Most
of the instructors are college cheerleaders who went to Christian
schools, and they are encouraged to talk about their faith.


Overheard at faith-based cheerleading camp:

"Dude, did you see the ankles on that sister!?"



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