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...is already drawing fire from "...Many rank-and-file American Catholics [emphasis mine -- what's an "American Catholic" anyway?] - as well as gay-rights advocates, womens-rights activists, and groups representing victims of abuse by priests - were disappointed at the selection of an unabashed conservative." according to this article entitled, Selection Greeted With Mixed Feelings in U.S.

really? you don't say. in america? hmmm....

''I would have preferred a more moderate choice,'' said Barbara Bowen, 56, a self-described ''lapsed Catholic'' [more smock emphasis] from New York... ''I was personally looking for someone who would approve the ordination of women [at this point, i simply cannot help myself] - that would be nice and progressive,'' Bowen said.

ahhhh, nice and progressive. i like that. isn't that sweet? that's what we need in today's happy go-lucky, wonderfully fluffy, feel-good and relative, gay, trouble-free world: a really nice and progressive pope.

bleh! i say, "sick 'em!"


Kathy Shaidle had the money quote on this phenomenon: "This election is annoying all the right people."

Ka Ching! That's it!

While I don't want to do a victory dance in their front yards (because I hope for their conversion), it is wildly satisfying to me to see certain folks in the media turning all shades of blue over the new pope.

Someone else said that PBXVI had the shortest honeymoon on record--23 minutes at best. I think he was prepared for that, though. But it is incumbent on all of us to pray, pray, pray for this man. He is facing a much more hostile world that JPII did.

I don't think God's rottweiler is all that worried, though. I think we're in capable hands.

2nd comment: Who in the h*** cares what a LAPSED Catholic thinks anyway????? It would mean more if she were still in the Church.

The amusing part is that they still consider themselves Catholic. There is no need to remake the Catholic Church in their own image as long as the Unitarians are around (they let you keep your rosary). We should send out a memo.

Plus a few years back they were teaching courses at Unitarian Church. One of them was memorably titled, "Releasing Your Inner Spirituality Through Belly Dancing". Sounds perfect!


I love these guys!!!!

Maybe their nice and progressive pope will come with a matching nice and progressive God?

I praise the Triune God for the appointment of this holy man of God as our new Pope! To see someone who is not afraid to go against the grain of modern society and the sickening political correctness inspires me and I'm sure will inspire more and more people.

I take my Faith seriously. I had to fight for it, on emotional terms that is. Raised as a Fundamentalist Baptist I "lost" friends and even some family for making a decision to be reconciled to the One, True, and Holy Faith! I made that decision 20 years ago and praise God everyday for it!

The holiness and example of Pope John Paul II helped inspire my decision, on top of common sense and knowledge of the church's history, and finally, the witness of a close Catholic friend who actually lived the faith.

May many be converted and brought back home to Rome through the holy teachings and examples of this holy man of God, and may the conservative voice of faithful Catholics drown out the liberal, "do want you want" and "go out and get drunk on Saturday night" and "never enter a Church except for weddings or funerals" catholics!

In Jesus' holy name and through the intercession of his Most Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart!


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