Sitting here working at my desk on a Saturday night....

|, I suppose, the sure sign that I am an old married woman, not out and about on the weekend. Or a sign that I mismanage my time during the week, and have to get ready for our parish council meeting tomorrow at the last minute. Or it might be a sign that I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO! (I vote for the latter, because it doesn't make me seem incompetent. But I suspect that I am basically a mis-manager of time.)

Anyway, the only saving grace of working at my desk is that Saturday night is "Classic Country" on the radio station I listen to when I have to work on stuff I hate. Tonight they are featuring Johnny Rodriguez, and they just played my parents' song. It made me think back to that time before my mom got so sick. Ya'll, she was just BEAUTIFUL, and absolutely the best dancer I ever saw. When she and Pap-paw danced, people would smile. She was so full of herself then. And he just thought she was perfect, and it shone through his eyes. It made me know what I wanted for myself.

I hope that Zteen has a memory like that. A time when he knew that his parents loved each other with a love so strong that it survived hard times, health problems and age. It would be the best gift we ever gave him. 'Cause he would know it's possible, and worth fighting for when you find it.

Anyway, here's my parents' favorite song, written by Left Frizzell and sung by Johnny Rodriguez (and also by Merle Haggard):

That's the Way Love Goes

I've been throwin' horseshoes
Over my left shoulder.
I've spent most all my life,
Looking for that four leaf clover.

When you run with me,
Chasing my rainbows,
Honey, I love you too,
That's the way love goes.

That's the way love goes, babe
That's the music God made
For all the world to sing
It never gets old; it grows.

Losing makes me sorry
You say, "Honey, don't worry."
Honey I love you, too.
That's the way love goes.



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