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From my reading last night (In Conversation With God):

Do you know what is the first temptation the devil presents to someone who has begun to serve God better? asks the Cure d'Ars - It is human respect. What is our behaviour like when we are with our friends, at work, at a social gathering? Do we show our condition as sons and daughters of God with simplicity and daring?

and then further on in the reading:

In order to get over worrying about what people will say, we need to have a right intention, being more concerned about God's opinion than anyone else's. We also need strength to ignore small criticisms in a cheerful and imperturbable manner, and be ready to communicate the treasure which each disciple of the Lord has found. We need, too, to give good example, which is simply living coherently with the grace our Lord has placed in our hearts. It is one thing we will never regret. Even in the most difficult environments we can win souls for Christ if we really want to make those friends, colleagues and acquaintances of ours happy. Before wanting to make saints out of all those people we love, we must make them happy and joyful, for nothing better prepares a soul for grace than joy.


Ahem. Now there is something to think about. Make them joyful? There's a radical call for me. Too often I've been expecting THEM to make ME joyful--when I'm the one who really has the source of joy!


Yep, the good Cure's quote went right into my quote journal as well. Isn't that the easiest trap in the world to fall into? No wonder it is #1 in the devil's arsenal...

The Cure d'Ars is so right! This is exactly what has happened in my life. I wish I could say I'm there. Thank goodness the Lord loves us just where we are and loves us enough not to leave us like that.



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