it's official: four weeks and counting

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today is the day we hit week 33 and the day official bedrest begins. of course, i'm headed out to fort worth's medical district to spend most of the day at doctors' offices, so there's no bedrest in there. but as soon as i get home ...

we're praying for four more weeks.


Hooray Smockmomma! You WILL make it! I made it to 38 weeks without bedrest on my 5' 2" frame (I got stared at every time I went out too) so I KNOW you can make it. I am praying to St. Gianna and St. Gerard for you. So put your feet up (in between doctor visits) and rest girl!!

We don't routinely put moms of multiples on bedrest at any given gestational age. There isn't much research to support it, and there can be significant side effects to strict bedrest. However, I am sure that your doctor has considered all the factors and has decided that this is the best choice for you.
There is an internet group, sidelines, for moms on bedrest in pregnancy. I don't remember exactly how to access it but it should not be too hard to find.

Bon chance, Smock.

Non nothis infringeris.



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