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.....from Teresa of Avila (via The Daily Dig:

It is amusing to see souls who, while they are at prayer, fancy they are willing to be despised and publicly insulted for the love of God, yet afterwards do all they can to hide their small defects. If anyone unjustly accuses them of a fault, God deliver us from their outcries! Prayer does not consist of such fancies. No, our Lord expects works from us. Beg our Lord to grant you perfect love for your neighbor. If someone else is well spoken of, be more pleased than if it were yourself; this is easy enough, for if you were really humble, it would vex you to be praised…Comply in all things with others’ wishes, though you lose your own rights. Forget your self-interests for theirs, however much nature may rebel.

Why is the good advice never something like, "There, there, now. Go on. Sit your bottom down on the couch and eat that pint of Blue Bell ice cream while you watch something completely unredeeming on television. And oh, by the way, sleep in tomorrow, too!"


Guess that's what they call tough love!

But seriously, it's just the counsel I needed at just this moment....

I'm sure there will be Blue Bell ice cream at the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Oh, Roz, I HOPE so!!!!! And LOTS of it! :-)

i'm pretty sure that there's a saint somewhere in the archives that said something akin to that.

Personally, I'm hoping we get served leftover fish and loaves at the Marriage Supper, from the original 12 baskets.



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