one week and counting...

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a friend gave me this card at a baby shower and i laughed so hard because it's exactly how i feel. the sentiment inside reads "you deserve a party." ain't it the truth? i wanted to learn more about the cards and found out joey, the artist, has all sorts of fun stuff. visit her website, dollymamas, for girly giggles.


Whoo-hoo! And, yes, that picture certainly sums up how I feel the last month of every pregnancy I've had ;-). Take it easy, Micki, and put your feet up - you're almost there!!

I'm soo excited for you. I want to get you a gift, is there anything you need for the boys? Or want? Or I can just bring a meal or take the kids to the park some day this summer. Just let me know whatever. I'm so excited.

Oh my goodness- 1 week to go! It's so exciting! And twins! Twins are a lot of fun- I'm a twin myself-we kept our mother hopping! I;ll be praying for ya!



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