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....What? Two in one week? Hard to believe.

We watched Sideways. I had read both good and bad reviews of the movie. It was a good enough movie, certainly worth renting from Netflix. You probably know the basic plot outline by now: Two friends from college, Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Hayden Church) take a trip to the wine country in California the last week before Jack's wedding. Miles is a junior high English teacher with aspirations of being a published writer and Jack is a pretty-much-washed-up soap actor who's now doing voiceover work. Jack is using the week for a last fling before he marries and "settles down", though one wonders if a playboy like Jack will ever really be ABLE to settle down.

It's a story of middle age losers, trying to figure out how to get something, anything, worthwhile out of life. But it's one of those movies that I think are filed incorrectly in the comedy section of Blockbuster. I thought, at its heart, the movie was really a tragedy about these two guys--two guys without relationships, morally challenged, living a life they never envisioned for themselves. Sure, there are funny parts of the movie, and the ending is ambiguous--Has Miles really learned his lesson? Is he really ready to commit to another person? (And, of course, sentimental me answered those questions "Yes!") I had this same reaction to Muriel's Wedding, which I liked very much but don't consider a comedy.

I don't really understand the glowing reviews. It was good, but not THAT good.


Same here. I didn't really get the rave reviews either. It was ok. Although I'm emotionally scarred from the scene of Miles gettting Jack's wallet back. Seriously scarred.

Has Miles really learned his lesson? Is he really ready to commit to another person?

What about Jack learning his lesson? I's don't think so!

I didn't get why so many people came to see it at the theater. Even within the week we had it after it was out on DVD people came to see it. So weird.

TSO, I just wrote Jack off--he seemed the type of character that would be feeding on his 15 minutes of fame his whole life--and he would be one of those nasty old men, sleeping with whoever will sleep with them. He seemed to be portrayed as pretty irredeemable in the movie....
And certainly not self-aware enough to know he needed redemption.

Elizabeth you may be seriously scarred, but I was sitting next to my father when we saw that film and this is the second time that a mystery p****-scene has popped up if you will in a movie that went to with him (the first was The Crying Game). I am an emotional-amputee where this is concerned.

I feel as though squealing and hiding under my jacket may be the only appropriate response to a giant, angry, naked man galloping down the street.

My very cosmopolitan, childless sister thinks that after having four children I should be able to view a naked man without apprehension or anxiety or at the very least without diving under my coat.

Let me tell you, Sister: 1) that man is not my husband and 2) the four children are the reason for the apprehension and anxiety.

Why no Amazing Race finale post? A bit of a let down I must say.



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