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Guess what came in the mail Saturday? My copy of God and the World by Papa Ratzi! I couldn't wait to crack it open, but events have conspired against me, and I haven't read much. But get this:

Even a simple person can know God quite well. It is not necessarily the case that a broad acquaintance with the scientific and historical knowledge we now have will make someone capable of understanding God better.

You can drown understanding in facts. Anyone who fails to perceive the mystery at work within the facts of nature or of history is just stuffing his head and his heart with a lot of things that may even make him incapable of any breadth or depth of perception.

A great amount of scientific knowledge can, on the one hand, lead to someone's being no longer able to see beyond the facts, so that he is hemmed in by facts. Because he knows so much, he is now only capable of thinking on a factual level and can no longer bring himself to make the leap into mystery. He sees only what is tangible. And, from a metaphysical point of view, in this way, a person becomes more stupid. The other side of it is that sometimes, precisely by the breadth of our vision, in that we can see so many glimpses of divine reason in reality, this really does add breadth and scope to our image of God, and we stand before him with greater reverence and even with humility and awe.


" a person becomes more stupid."

That mean ole pope...he just called all scientists, everywhere Stupid. He should just embrace abortion and homosexuality and join the rest of the world. Leave those poor scientists alone.

(I'm a mainstream media editor wanna-be...can't you tell?)

That book is just packed full of great insights. You will even more apprectiate this great Pope.



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