Who knew?????

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I have always maintained that there is not a shred of any modern art that I like. That was always a bit of hyperbole, since I thought surely, surely out there there must be something an uneducated yahoo like me could like.

Well, lo and behold! I found it. Seriously. I think it is beautiful, but funny and charming at the same time. I wish I owned it.

And I never thought that I would say that in a million, billion years.

Now I'm waiting for Erik to come by and laugh at me.

Oh, well.



How much acid did you do in college???

Just kidding. I have seen worse, I guess.

It looks like someone took every bad plastic earing from the 80's and melted them down.

I don't laugh at Sol LeWitt. A great artist. I have yet to see this piece in person, but I have a lot of respect for him.

Sometime, you should come out to the Bay Area. I will schedule a special Catholic Art Walk through our museums for you (something I am offering through the St. Anthony of Padua Institute). Most people who claim to dislike modern art are looking for something that is not there, and missing what is there. A day spent growing blisters on overwalked feet and callouses on overtired ears cures that!

Do you remember taking we tsand in your hand and and letting it run through your palm to make little towers? That's what the artwork looks like to me...but in color!

hmmm...seems mighty phallic to me. [i hope that assessment speaks more to the piece than me.]

I like it, too! Maybe it's because the colors remind me of the thousands of LEGOs I've been surrounded with for decades...something about it is reassuring and cheerful.

To Ellyn and her Legos: I too live in the Land of Legos, which is swell most of the time... until one meets the arch of my foot on a late night bathroom call!

On modern art: I think those in the art field who profess a great love of it suffer from "The Emporer Has No Clothes" syndrome. None of them has satisfactorily explained WHY it's so wonderful, and if appears no conisseur wants to be the first to say, "You know what? This really does suck."



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