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Done by many, we were tagged by M'Lynn over at Scattershot. We were tagged a long time ago, but have just now had time to think!!!! Maybe I should add "if I were more organized...."

Here's the meme:

Just answer 5 questions, then add three and pass it on.

If I could be a scientist, a farmer, a musician, a doctor..........If I could be a painter, a gardener, a missionary, a chef.........If I could be an architect, a linguist, a psychologist, a librarian......If I could be an athlete, a lawyer, an inn-keeper, a professor.....If I could be a writer, a llama rider, a bonnie pirate, an astronaut.....If I could be a world famous blogger, a justice on any one court in the world.......If I could be married to any current famous political figure........If I could be an office supply salesman, a dog show judge, a coal miner........If I could be a baker, a comedian, a monk...........If I could be a publisher, a spy, a greeting card designer..........If I could be a landscaper, carpenter, hair stylist................If I could be an economist, a snake-charmer, a potter . . . . . .

If I could be a clown, an artist, a party planner.......

Let's see:

If I could be a greeting card designer, I would design a line of cards aimed directly at teenagers to purchase for their moms/dads/grandmas/grandpas, etc. Zteen is a thoughtful young man and always wants to get me a card for the various "events" of my life. But there is nothing inbetween the "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" cards and the "I love you, Mother" flowery cards that are too old for him to feel comfortable giving. He comes home disappointed every time. Hallmark are you listening??

If I could be an innkeeper, I'd have a bed and breakfast in East Texas. I'd have about 4 guest rooms (I'm not efficient enough for more) but I'd be known county wide for my breakfast goodies. I'd also serve fresh-popped popcorn with real butter around 8 p.m. every night so that my guests could have it while they are watching their favorite movies on their room's DVD player.

If I could be an athlete, I would be a synchronized swimmer. I know, I know, ya'll all think it's not really a sport, and it should be dropped from the Olympics. I'm not sure I could argue you out of that. But having been a swimmer in high school, I KNOW those girls are athletes, and I wish I could have 1/2 the strength they do. Plus they get to do it with sparkles in their hair!

If I could be a gardener, I would do those almost wild looking gardens, with tons of ornamental grasses and very little grass. I would aim for natural plants, with minimal care needs once installed, so that my clients could enjoy their gardens, not *work* in them. (Unless, of course, they LIKE to work in them!)

If I could be a baker, I would specialize in cookies! They are my favorite dessert, and there are hundreds of delicious recipes. I love to bake cookies, and would work in a bakery that smells just like heaven. I would give tours to elementary school kids, and let them put the chocolate chips in and decorate with M&Ms.

Anyone who wants to do this, consider yourself tagged.


If I were a hammer...

I'd hammer the hippies. I'd hammer the liberals. All over this land...

Oh, wait, that one wasn't on the list.

If I could be an astronaut, I'd wake up Houston in the middle of the night with my rendition of David Bowie's Space Oddity.

Yes, you would, wouldn't you? It seems so appropriate! Tee hee!

if i could be queen of the world, i would close all of the abortion mills, gentlemen's clubs, and coed fitness centers. i would make the minimum driving age 18 and make seasoned citizens take yearly driver's exams. i would then put a ban on sunday soccer games and declare krispy kreme the global food of choice.



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