MMT Day #4

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Wednesday's trip looked like this:


402 miles across Northern Wyoming. They took the Medicine Wheel scenic bypass through Bighorn National Forest, hoping to see this:


This is an 80 foot in diameter Indian Medicine Wheel, preserved by the state in coordination with the Indian Tribes of the area. HOWEVER, when they got to the place where you had to hike in to see it, they weren't able to go. Why? Because it was KNEE-DEEP IN SNOW!

To those two Texas born and bred boys, knee-deep snow on June 15th was a hoot. They tromped out in it and took each other's pictures.

Oh, and Zteen said they had to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up more disposable cameras; they had already used 2 1/2 of the 3 I sent. I shudder to think what the developing costs will be.

After that, it was on toward Yellowstone, where they were to camp for the night.

Here's the kind of scenery they are driving through. Zteen says it is beautiful beyond belief, but "Mom, it's the middle of nowhere! Nothing here except beautiful stuff!"


First time they've driven through mountains. They are stopping at every "historical landmark" sign by the side of the road and reading it. They both called their grandmothers late yesterday afternoon, while they were in a spot with phone coverage! Good boys!


Hey, that rocky medicine wheel was on "Into the West" last week!

I'm sure they will treasure this trip for the rest of their lives. I would love to have a Smockmama and twins/fam update. . .
I saw Mark Allen was quoted in the paper recently, sad topic, good message for the diocese though.



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