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.....and I'm happy and I'm sad.

We have finished homeschooling in our house. What started out as a "one year project" when Zteen was in the 2nd grade, has now been completed. We took an extra year because of family issues (my mom's health, PapaC's health, and a few other changes/additions to our lives), so really we've done twelve years of homeschooling.

As the homeschooling catalogs come in, here in what has been my "season of planning", it is with a great deal of regret that I toss them into the recycling bin. And for the first time in I don't know how long, I didn't attend the Book Fair, looking for "just the right math program" (our nemesis!).

There is some relief here. Zteen is taking a semester off to work, and he will start at our local community college (very friendly to homeschoolers) in January. I suspect that when he enters, he will have to take one remedial class in composition, unless he chooses to work on his skills a little during the fall. Other than that, I think he will be fine, and will surprise himself with how well he will do. Of course, I suppose the surprise could work the other way, but let's hope not.

I am so grateful for the years that Zteen and I spent together. I have a son who is a reader (he read Moby Dick for fun), but also a video game player. I have a son who serves at Mass every single Wednesday(and has since he was 12), but who is also a movie fiend. I have a son who is an Eagle Scout, but who is also a hypercompetitive card player. He is such a nice blend of normal and weird. I couldn't have wished for anything better.

Our one fear of homeschooling an only child was that he would become too dependent on us. That has not proved to be the case. Zteen and I spent Monday night talking; until 2 in the morning talking! He is excited to start this next chapter of his life. I told him that it really was *his* life now--for better AND for worse. Not that his daddy and I won't be standing there ready to advise (and fund!), but we *won't* decide for him what to do, what to take, how hard to study, etc. Those days are done. I told him it's an exciting time for him. And that it can be a scary time, too.

One of the things that I told Zteen was that the weirdest thing for me when I started school and "my own life" was how things didn't just stand still back at home. It's hard to explain--but it seemed normal for me to be making my decisions and plans, but I never thought about the people back home going around and doing things that *I didn't know about* while I was gone! I saw them in some sort of suspended animation, I guess, just waiting for my return. It was odd when I found that they had gone places and done things that I never even knew about. Zteen nodded his head. "Yeah. There'll be times I come in from work or school and you and Dad will have gone out to eat, or to a movie or something, and I might not know what's up. That'll be weird." And it will be. For all of us for awhile.

So, this summer we are taking the last guaranteed Big Family Vacation. We can't really afford it, and if we were truly sensible, we'd probably save the money for college tuition. But it's our big, fun farewell to twelve years of a lifestyle that is radically changing.

Yee haw! And pass me that Kleenex to wipe my eyes with.


I am SO FAR from where you stand, and it still makes me teary eyed. Congratulations to you and ZTeen!


Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment, and you so should take that vacation. This is a time in you life that will not be reapeated, and all such phases of life should be celebrated in an unforgetable way. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

We're about a year away from that similar transition, minus the home schooling element. It is the coolest thing ever that you and Zteen can stay up until 2 in the morning talking. There is nothing like the fun that you can have talking with your teenager about all those things. Love it! :-)

Congrats, MamaT, and thanks for posting. We have been wrestling with the homeschooling question after a really rough year (though I think the homeschooling was rough because the year was rough), and it's encouraging to read this today.

beautiful! you can look back with no regrets, only joy! my son serves every wed. hope he turns out as well as Z!

Congratulations! I've been where you are and I guess I still am. I have 5 kiddos, 1 in law school, 1 just graduated from college, 1 will be a jr. in college and 1 just graduated from HS and will join her sister. If my addition is right, that leaves me with 1 left. I wonder why all the bedrooms are full then? Oh yes, they keep coming back, at least for short moments in time. But it is very strange, for them and for us. You want time to stand still and everything to remain status quo, but they grow up and spread their wings. And although they do come home, it's never the same. And I wonder what their life is like? Are they well, physically and spiritually? Are they in love, for the 15th time? Do they eat enough or drink too much? All these questions that I've had to learn to offer up to God because He is All Knowing and I'm not!
I call my Mother much more often these days because although we don't say it, she knows. She's been in my shoes.
Enjoy your vacation! We splurged at Christmas and all 7 of us went to Hawaii. It was a wonderful time and probably the last time just with us. Soon, there will be others joining the family and people will be working and unable to make it home. Such is the circle of life!
Would you pass me some of that Kleenix, I feel the tears coming on (or as my kids say, there she goes again). God bless, Kitty

Congratulations and God Bless!
I hope that when my 13-year-old oldest son reaches the end of high school I can also claim, as you can, that he is a great blend of "normal and weird." I can see how much of a compliment to him and to you that such a statement is.


And pass me the Kleenex, too. There is a lot of emotion in the thought of a school closing after a succesful run. With a select student body and the faculty/ancilary staff/parents all combined in a very intimate group. Oh, boy...pass the Kleenex.

Oh MamaT, ya done good!

Your son sounds fantastic!

Congratulations to you all!

*sniff* aw man, now you all got me started... *sniffle* can't they JUST stay little 'til their Carters wear out?!!

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