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......reading TSO, I just need to know: Does he take a separate suitcase for the books he takes on vacation?????

Anyway, it's good to know I'm not the only one who packs like I may be marooned on Gilligan's Island for several years while packing reading material!


I felt the same way. I have to have my inspirational books, something for daily devotional and a couple of fiction choices (what if I finish one! quelle horreur!!!), maybe a cookbook for variety ... talk about overthinking the project! :-)

I knew I read a lot, but I didn't realize how much... I NORMALLY carry a large two-sided tote bag of books. One side has Bible, devotional, book of days (this year it's Brother Cadfael -- email me if you're not familiar), journal, and educational reading, which I do as a discipline. The other side has usually 2 each of fiction and non-fiction (like cookbooks), crossword book, letters to answer, and my cross stitch. When I go on vacation I pack MORE books (usually fiction) in a separate bag, and often buy more as well. Bookworms of the world, unite!

If you got marooned on Gilligan's Island, you probably wouldn't need all that much to read. The Professor has lots of books and there are all those people to talk with. You could talk farming/gardening with MaryAnne, beauty tips with Ginger, knot-tying with The Skipper, financial planning with the Howells and I'm sure you could talk about *anything* with Ole Gilligan himself.

Of course, if you were marooned on a deserted island, lots of books might come in handy. Don't forget The American Boys' Handbook.



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