Seen on a sign....

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......outside the local Unity Church:

Coming soon: The Day of Nonjudgement

It made me wonder. If God is a God of "nonjudgement" then what do we do with all those scriptures that talk about mercy? Because doesn't mercy mean that there has been some judgement made, but punishment has either been lessened or done away with? Without judgement, isn't mercy a meaningless concept?



But you're not really supposed to take those little marquis thingies in front of churches all that seriously or literally. They're meant to be eye-catchers. It's a hook, is all.

Plus, a day in this country or this world where no one judged anyone and just went about their business would be quite refreshing. Or you could look at it as the day after all God's judging is done and His infinite mercy and love is surrounding you.

I doubt God is all that worried about that little sign. It's really not worth it.



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