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am i still allowed to contend that i don't do reality tv and that i'm not an amazing race junkie if i've started watching it in reruns?

in the words of our first president, "i cannot tell a lie, paw." i must admit that i'm a reality late bloomer. you see, i wasn't snookered into reality tv and the amazing race craze until mamaT started writing posts about the show on this here blog. the tempatation was just too great, so i started watching at the end of season six. for those who have actually been able to abstain from the craziness, there are seven seasons thus far. anyway, gsn cable network is now airing the amazing race from the very beginning - monday launched the first season; and so help me, i'm tivo-ing every cotton pickin' season! and, so help you, i'm going to chronicle my favorite quotes. here goes:

amazing race: season one, episode one
"gaw, there are a lot of bugs out in the jungle! go figure." ~ kim

amazing race: season one, episode two
"is there a chicken village? or a chicken museum? does that count for anything?" ~amie

amazing race: season one, episode three
"the only time i feel my age is when i look in a mirror. . .and then it almost does me in." ~ margaretta



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