And now, an apology...

| | Comments (3) Mr. Keilholtz. We didn't get a chance to call him while we were in San Francisco, and that was a real bummer. We were only there two days, and we kept thinking, "We'll call as soon as we get back to the hotel." Only we never got back at a reasonable time to call. So we all three were bummed that we didn't get to meet him, his lovely wife and the precocious Amalia. And we so wanted to play Toddler Iron Chef!

Even Zteen was sad that we didn't get to meet my "friend from the blogs."

(And, in the interest of complete honesty, I am always a little nervous about meeting someone in real life that I've known from the internet. I'm never afraid they will disappoint ME--that's never been the case. I'm always afraid that I will disappoint THEM! What if Erik thought I was a dork in real life?????)


No problem. It is too bad we missed you, but please do tell where you ate when you were out here.

Impossible my dear! As someone who has met you, it is a treat and a pleasure ... and you are NO dork! :-)

I think you were just afraid of the threat of headcheese. ha!

I think you were just afraid of the threat of headcheese. ha!

It so happens that I have about three pounds of the homemade stuff in my freezer! Yipee!



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