Book #26 of 2005 finished!


Amidst the washing and drying, folding and putting away. (How do three people have this much laundry? Oh, yeah. I put it off!!!!!)

Summer Half by Angela Thirkell. I cannot tell you the debt I owe Steven Riddle for telling me about these books. They are completely escapist literature, with ironic humor and sly winks added in. This one is the story of Colin Keith, who decides that he really ought to be doing something gainful regarding employment instead of reading law and "sponging" off his father. He decides to take a job as a junior classics master for the summer term at the nearby boys school. People fall in love, fall out of love, swim, boat on the river, flood the dormitory, lose a chameleon, ride in fast cars, and all that. The right man gets the right woman, and everything ends happily. Just what I need when the temperature is over 100 and my air conditioning is just not keeping up!



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