calling all moms of multiples...

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any hints, advice, or tips you care to share about nursing two infants would be greatly appreciated. feel free to leave comments here or email me at thanks!


Never had twins, Smock, but would be glad to try to scare up some info if you're looking for something more specific than BTDT encouragement. Have heard good things about Karen Gromada's site. Is it milk supply? logistics of juggling two?

In public or private?

I was a twin. Mom used bottles.

That's why God made two of them thar breasts.

When my aunt had her twins eleven (I feel old) years ago she used to alternate feedings. She'd bf one feeding then bottle feed the next, but she kept the boys on opposite schedules so that if one was breast-fed, the other would get his next feeding from a bottle. Sometimes, the bottles were formula, but I know she also pumped. We spent a lot of time at her house that summer. It was quite an adventure because we had to write down who got fed when, what they ate and how much they ate. My aunt tried very hard to be very organized all the time.

There's a thread on my message board addressing this very topic, with lots of good advice from moms with multiples.

And let me just say: YOU CAN DO IT! If you need a bf'ing cheerleader, I'm your girl!



mr. luse, good to see you're still stopping by! i'm not comfortable enough with my double-baby breasting acumen to nurse both in public yet, but i'll keep y'all posted.

i'm nursing both at first and last feedings at the same time -- have a WONDERFUL twin nursing pillow aid -- but it isn't practicle to carry this huge monstrosity around to do "double barrel" breasting, as smockdaddy lovingly refers to nursing both boys at the same time.

i have yet to use bottles and really prefer not to because, dare i admit it, i'm afraid i'd rely to heavily on them.

keep the advice and encouragement coming, and many, many thanks y'all!

Micki, is that twin nursing pillow like a Boppy on steroids that enables you to feed both boys in football hold positions?

A woman in our Lamaze class used one of those. But she found she could also nurse her babies by putting one in the normal cradle hold -- say on the left -- and then the second in a sort of reverse cradle hold: he'd be on the right, but his head was to the left (with Mom's hand supporting it)and his feet were to the right, pressed up to the inside of her elbow. Does that make any sense? She was able to nurse this way without a pillow if need be, but somebody had to hand her the second baby. And it only worked when her twins were fairly little and still in swaddling mode (so that the "top" twin didn't kick the other in the head...)

sparki, you hit both nails on the head. yes, it's a great big nursing pillow designed especially for twin nursing...a friend of mine bought it for me and my last baby two years ago because it fits better than a true "boppy" and is therefore more comfortable. never did we imagine it would ever come in handy for its original purpose!

i know exactly what you mean about your friend's position because i've used the exact same one. the trick is to get them nursing while they are still calm because if they're already panicky (moms, you know what i mean!) latch-on is difficult for both without the aid of the pillow. believe me, i've gotten inventive in the wee small hours of the morning but, again, these are not practical positions for public.

y'all are the BEST!



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