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....Most of which, I must admit, go right over my head, I think it's fun to look at the search strings that brought people to our site.

We can certainly sympathize with those who came looking for Chili's Lettuce Wrap Points, but we don't eat them. If I eat at Chili's, it's SW Eggrolls for me, and Smock won't eat anything green. Sorry, no help there.

Two people came looking for Call Girl Barbie. Look over yonder. She's next to the Alternative Lifestyle Barbie.

One person came via the single search word Coolmoe. Must be someone who knows the Smock.

For those of you who came looking for Mature Mamas, well, I like you a little more than those who came looking for Adult Old Mamas. Hey! I prefer to think of myself as ripened to perfection. Humph!

But my favorite search string this month--and maybe even of ALL TIME:

Gregory Peck Hotties

Oh yeah, baby! I LIKE IT!


Smock won't eat anything green.

Has she been sending brain control waves to Amalia? I have finally found a green thing she will eat (pesto), but that is the only one.

yum! i do enjoy pesto as well, mr. keilholtz. i also will eat green olives, lettuce, cucumbers, and ... well, that's about all.

We've had some strange searches bring folks to our blog.... some were downright....nasty. Amazing. And creepy to think some schmuck was reading our benign posts about family life, on a quest for something much darker.



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