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i'll tell you what, nursing two wee ones in public is not an easy task, but it sure comes in handy if you want a private room in a doctor's office.

we've practiced attachment parenting to one degree or another with all of our previous children. co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand, and wearing babies has been very important to the smockdaddy and to me. that said, it ain't so easy with twins. despite well intentioned advice from other AP parents who think it's a good idea to wear both at the same time, well, my back just isn't cut out for it no matter how well worn.

we got the king size bed to help with co-sleeping and the extra room has been wonderful, but as one daughter said, "momma, you're always breasting the babies!" and she doesn't know that half of it because she doesn't witness all of the nighttime feedings.

AP parenting for singletons is a sacrifice. AP parenting with twins is knockin' off serious purgatory time.


no kidding! could you offer some of that suffering up for me?
I am so happy that you are making the extra effort. It will eventually pay off!

God bless you, Micki!

BTW, I just saw an ad for an inflatable nursing pillow from My Breast Friend! Not sure how it inflates. Certainly wouldn't be good to have hungry twin babies waiting for you to blow the thing up like a balloon, one puff at a time. But maybe it has one of those cool instant-inflating things, like an air bed?

sparki, big smile. i got a great laugh at that; inflatable nursing pillows? good grief! what if the thing popped? ugh! i'll stick with my foam twin nursing pillow; but thanks for sharing. you're the best!

How do you co-sleep with the babies -- one in between parents and one to the mother's side? I'm always been nervous about in-between sleeping, but I guess you know your and your husband's sleep habits. I've heard you're not supposed to have two kids under two in the same bed, so I'm figuring they're not both on one side of you.

Nursing twins in public -- wow!!! Great!

when we first brought them home (and while i was still on pain meds) we kept them in the mini-mattress thingies made especially for co-sleeping (i forget the official name of the contraption, but they are made to prevent roll-overs) sideways and in between the two of us, forming something like an "H" shape. now, davis is on my left and donovan is on my right. marc is over on the other side of our considerable king size bed. it isn't the first time we've had two wee ones in our bed at the same time, but it is the first "two under two" experience. i'd read about that, but am unclear about the why of it, especially with twins.

Why not two under two at the same time? I am sure I must have done this many times as most of my nine were less than 2 years apart. (#2 and #3 were 26 mos apart due to #1 tandem nursing,and #8 and #9 were 4 years apart due to either I got better at NFP or I was just less fertile by then.)

When # 3 was born we had a California King sized bed built for us so more could fit. We still use it now, but its just us, as the youngest are 16 and 20. So love them and gather them near as long as you can!

By the way #1 learned to wait until #2 was finished nursing as I had trouble somehow nursing both at the same time. #1 used to ask for "back breastie" which meant leaning over from my back while I was lying on my side, and nursing from the upper breast as I nursed #2 on the lower one. It wasn't too comfortable and after a while I asked him to wait until the little baby was done, then I would turn over and nurse him. And he did.

Nice to have a site where it is normal to talk about these things.
Susan Peterson



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