She's back!!!!

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5,267 miles, 4 books on CD, 1 book in real life, 1 and 1/3 afghans crocheted, and 16 1/2 days later, I'm BACK!!!

And boy, do I have lots to say.

But I've also got lots of bills to pay, lots of clothes to wash. Groceries to buy (our cupboards have dust bunnies in them), dogs to bathe (eeeeuw--2 weeks on the screen porch, and they stink!), errands to run.

But I'll start the travel saga soon! I'm bursting to tell!


Welcome Back MamaT!! Glad you are all back safe and sound and it sounds like you had a great trip! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Welcome home!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it & seeing you this weekend.

Welcome back!!! :-)

You were missed!

missed you.

add me to the *missed you* list...



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