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We have had a series of 5 or 6 new comments on an old post. Apparently people got to an old post of the Smock's where reference was made to an event between a certain female movie star and a certain country western singer. I'm not putting their names in because I don't want to cause any more random people to land at the Summa Mamas to discuss those two folks' divorce.

But for any of you who may be coming back to respond to your comment string:

1. The use of the "f-word" is not tolerated on this blog. Its use alone is enough to get your comment deleted.

2. Any comment that is hateful to another commenter will probably be deleted, if I can't clean it up enough to let it stand. This will be done at my sole discretion. Get over it. If I were having a party in my home, and one guest began personally attacking another, I would have no qualms in shoving that person out the door. Why would you think I would have any problem doing that here?

3. Contrary to the stated beliefs of one of the commenters, a blog is NOT a "public forum", unless the blog has been set up as a place for raging debate. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, just so you know. This is Summa Mama World. You want to say, without reservation, without worry, without editing, any vile thing that crosses your mind? Get your own blog.

4. We do allow debate on this blog. HOWEVER, if you want to debate, you must realize that debate is not, and has never been, the process of calling another person a vile name and acting as if that closed the case. It does close the case, but it closes it on YOU.

5. If you do want to disagree with something, we expect you to do so with a REAL INTERNET ADDRESS and/or a link to a REAL WEBSITE or BLOG. I will summarily dismiss any contentious comment that is anonymous. If'n you don't have the courage to debate as a real live person, you don't have the courage to debate at all.

6. Just remember: This is not a place where you will be allowed to shout at other people or write on the walls with the cyber-equivalent of a magic marker.

Stop it. Period.


i don't know what i missed while i was out, but it looks like it was a humdinger. sorry you had to clean up the mess, mamaT.



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