Ah, bummer....

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....I had a feeling that the New Pride and Prejudice movie (with Keira Knightley as Elizabeth) might turn out this way. Here's part of Charlotte Allen's (of the International Women's Forum) take on her screening:

Not only is there little electricity between the two leads, even when McFadyen makes like Heathcliffe with Knightley out on the moors (I kept waiting for the return of Sutherland and the gloriously wicked Judi Dench as Lady Catherine) but the filmmakers have done it again: They cannot make a historical movie with a female heroine without turning said heroine into a proto-Third Wave feminist. Knightley never looks or acts period for a single second, although she bravely mouths many of Jane Austen’s lovely and graceful sentences. One clue to what’s wrong: A la Reese Witherspoon in the recent Vanity Fair, Knightley hardly ever dons a bonnet, although head-coverings were de rigeur back then for young ladies venturing out of their own parlors.

"I liked the television version better," sighed one of the silver-haired matinee ladies, referring to the Colin Firth version of a decade ago.

So did I.

I bet I will too!


The Colin Firth version is great. What are you waiting for?

Oh, I KNOW the Colin Firth one is great! I watched it not long ago. For the second time. Yum!

I suspected the new one was going to be a disappointment. As for the Firth-Ehle version -- you've only seen it twice?

I still haven't seen the A&E version, but from he emotionally charged raves I hear of it from my friends and family, I am sure it will never be matched.

I read a quote one time where Julia Roberts was talking about the remake of the movie Ocean's Eleven, and how it was appropriate to remake that movie because the first one was really bad. She said that THOSE are the movies we should remake, not the good ones. Why do people feel the need to remake the classics?



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