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Washington, D.C. — “The National Abortion Federation is currently exhibiting a most disgusting twist on charitable giving,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “In an expression of ‘deepest sympathy’ for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, this organization of abortion providers is seeking funding to offer free or reduced-cost abortions to women forced from their homes by Hurricane Katrina. How can anyone possibly suggest that a mother in distress could benefit by killing her preborn child?”

The National Abortion Federation is providing a list of abortion facilities in the nation that have offered free abortions — and asking for contributions to its referral hotline to defray costs for storm victims “who lack the resources to pay for the abortion care they need.”

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I've heard that planned parenthood is offering free chemical abortions also. Sickies.

Hmmm...I was wondering why I hadn't heard about any of these oh-so-kind offers. I remember they were very quick with their, ahem, generosity after the 9/11 attacks.



Words fail me, which doesn't happen very often.



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