I'm doing the Library Thing thing.....

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And you can check out what I've cataloged so far with a link from this:

Eventually I'll move this to the sidebar, but I'm just not up to messing with the template tonight. (If you hit refresh, you'll get a new random sampling!)

I have a lot of books missing. Hey! You got any of 'em?


I'm still working on my list ... how on earth did I get so very many books and how on earth will I ever find the time to enter them (one shelf at a time I guess ... so far I have 3 shelves entered).

Dear MamaT,

Oh what good news. Now I can go and pull off of someone else's shelves. When you've got 20,000 or so to do, you take the shortcuts you can. Especially when it seems that most anything before a few years ago is going to have to be entered by hand (something like 5,000 books).

As I said before, I still haven't made the leap because of the enormity of the task--but it is supercool.





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