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that's donovan on the left and davis at right


They are adorable!! Seems like only yesterday that they were born and here they are smiling already.

aww they look so big in the picture but they looked so tiny last sunday ;) I want mine now!! No more waiting, and no more pre-labor stuff just COME. (only, tommorow is K's birthday so if she doesn't come today she needs to wait till Monday)

They are so alert and curious....and cute :o)

Yes, but the cutest thing about them, in their humble (ha!) godmother's opinion, is that snorting thing they do when they start to get upset! It's like an early warning system before the dam breaks! I love it.


Do they take after Smock with that one?

So adorable...but there is mischief in those smiles!

oh heavens. Those are sweet sweet boys. Thanks for sharing the pic!



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