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i cannot tell a lie, i love vanity plates. i've never had one, but ever since i was a wee lass i've wanted to own a pair. when i was in the fourth grade, i used to walk home from school and i passed this great looking car that had plates reading "I LUV UT". it took me forever to decipher the plates, making it seem all the more exotic, i'm sure; and, i thought it was the coolest thing in the world that this person had chosen their own message.

my mom's plate had some boring old number-letter combination that didn't mean anything. i had the notion that the poor shmo who banged out my mom's plates in his prison cell was a very boring criminal indeed. absolutely no imagination.

although i've toyed with the idea of getting plates ever since i can remember, i've never actually been able to justify shelling out the extra $40 bucks. my first car had plates with "XYZ" on them and i thought that was pretty cool for a plate i just got at random. my plates now read "Texas Truck" above the number which is redundant iffin' you ask me. of course, mamaT may beg to differ with her wittle VW bug. which, in my not-so humble opinion, just begs for a vanity plate. some cars are like that, you know, and VW bugs are definately vanity plate material.

so while i fantasize about getting vanity plates, i can't decide what i'd get if i decide to go for it. in the meantime, here's an interesting site about vanity plates.


I have always secretly wanted one too....and never had one.
I think I could probably get BOOSHAY :o)

My brother had vanity plates for many years, bearing a puzzle! (Yeah, he's a smarty pants. Runs in the family...) They read: OTTFFSS. Can you guess what letter comes next?

I've always been fascinated by them, too. I still remember some from an essay in...well, maybe it was Smithsonian Magazine, but it was more than 20 years ago, and I'm fuzzy on that. Anyway, the writer came up with them for famous people:

10 S N E 1 was for Chris Everett

A 1 ANA 2 was for Lawrence Welk

THE GR8 1 was for Jackie Gleason

S1DRFL was for George Gershwin ("S'Wonderful")

Never had any. Will always be too cheap to get them. What I would want with my car is too long:


Wouldn't that be perfect for my bug?

I could probably get MAMAT, but who'd get it?

Julie, I can't guess!

What you said smock. I can't justify the $40 either.

But I could for evangelistic purposes. At our POD parish, one parishioner touts "John 6 53" and another "Ave Maria".

I drive a white 15 passenger van, and my plate says "big famly" - it was The Hubster's idea.

they are so cheap in NH that we probably have the highest %age of them around.
mine says PRTRA
If you can figure out what it means, drop me an email!



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