Since every review I've read so far has been universally bad....

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....I thought it was interesting to read a review of the new Orlando Bloom/Kristin Dunst movie Elizabethtown that actually had some good things to say about it. You can find the Christianity Today review right here!

I wanted to like this movie, simply because I like the two lead actors. Oh, and OK, because Paula Deen plays a part in it and she is one of my favorites on Food Network!


I saw some little snippets on TV (actually Food Network) and Paula Dee is just a natural. I'd buy a ticket just to see her. I hope she doesn't go all Hollywood on us.

Harry at Ain't-It-Cool also absolutely loved this movie. However, his reviews aren't necessarily what I base my movie-going on (I'll never forget the entire paragraph he devoted to the opening "dancing in underwear" scene from Charlie's Angels).

So it is nice to see this one also. Thanks for the heads up.

Isn't Paula Deen the greatest? I just love her down-home humor and folksiness.



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