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....over at Dale's Dyspeptic Mutterings (link to the right), I have had yet another head banging moment today (and I'll tell you about the other one tomorrow sometime!):

BRATZ wallpaper.

No! Say it ain't so!

But it is.


Don't do that too often MamaT you will cause brain damage and won't be able to write your blog which will be sad for me.

You need aversion theraphy as you seem to really hate Bratz dolls. My 11 year old has about 5 of them but she grew or is growing out of them Before that it was Barbie and as a result I hate lolly pink. Ken has my sympathy, he got away, lucky Ken

so go back to your banging


I shouldn't encourage vulgar, derisive language but I do find a certain pride in hearing my boys (11 & 16) do a pretend cough while spitting out the word "skank" whenever they see Bratz. I mean, it sounds bad, but that's an apt description.

Karnak, I really do dislike those dolls. I especially hate the "baby Bratz", and I refuse to buy any for the McKid. 'Course, we haven't reached the "fall down in the floor at Target" stage. But I am pretty strong in not buying stuff that I can't stand.

I agree that Barbie gets a little overboard, but man, I just can't HANDLE those others.....

Maybe I do need aversion therapy or something....



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