a true southern fried love story

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three words for walk the line. fab·you·lust.

okay, phoenix is unquestionably eye candy, so how in the world did he BECOME "hello. i'm johnny cash" onscreen? i don't know, but he did. witherspoon is beautiful too, maybe a tad too beautiful as june carter cash, but her spitfire was believable. together they made a jim-dandy duo that was actually interesting and exciting to watch. they so embodied their characters, made them so believable, i actually cared, and even cried a tear or two, for them. it's a love story all the way, but there is not an ounce of saccharine in this sweet tea it's all pure cane.

by the by, phoenix and witherspoon did all of their own singing. hello? incredible. this movie lives up to all the hype iffin you ask me. and the fact that TEXAS was represented made it all the more enjoyable for the texaphilic smockmomma.

jerry lee lewis: we're all goin to hell for the songs we sing. every one in this car's goin to hell.
june: and what about me, jerry lee, am i goin to hell?
jerry lee lewis: naw, june, you're beautiful.

and in a word, that was the film: beautiful. so what if the two main characters were a little too purty when they were true.

UPDATE: i bought the soundtrack to walk the line and it's really good. i could do without the tracks by "lewis" and "elvis" -- and it's missing one of my favorite songs sung by witherspoon and phoenix in the film -- but phoenix's version of "ring of fire" is almost a near occassion of sin for me, so i already told mamaT that she might get my copy of the soundtrack. if you're stronger than me you can listen to clips of the songs here. remember, these are sung by the actors and they're goooooooooood.


Reese Witherspoon doing her own singing is doubly incredible when you hear how nervous she was about it. She swore up and down to The Tennessean that she's not a singer and she probably wouldn't have auditioned for the role if she thought she was going to be doing anything beyond the acting part.

She and I obviously have different definitions of what it means not to be a singer. To her, it means she can pull off June Carter Cash pretty much flawlessly. To me, it means little children burst into tears when they hear me warbling...sigh

A beautiful film, indeed. Which is fitting, because theirs was quite a beautiful story. Yay for love and redemption.

I second your raw emotion smock. It's one of the few movies I wouldn't mind seeing again. It was awfully moving for a love story (aka chick flick).

And didn't my toes be a tappin'? And didn't my heart go' a pitter-patterin' o'er that sassy Witherspoon?

By the way, at the finish the audience applauded, which I don't have to tell youse is extremely rare.

I am dying to see this one! But we have a play to go to Friday night, and PapaC's office Christmas party to go to Saturday night. Bleah. I'd rather go to the movies!

Witherspoon looks very Maria Shriver-ish in that photo above.

I can't wait to see it. One of my daughters went with her beau...they both liked it a lot.

(I never saw Johnny Cash perform live. But my best friend saw him several times at the supermarket when she lived in Franklin, TN. Just in case you're interested... :) )

my best friend saw [Cash] several times at the supermarket when she lived in Franklin, TN

I find this very interesting. It's not surprising to see music-industry types all over Franklin, but Cash lived in Hendersonville. That's quite a hike just to go to the grocery store. However, the Franktown is pretty much the best place on earth, so I guess I can see it. (I'm from Franklin, but I'm in a little town in the northwest corner of the state for college.)



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