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(AgapePress) - Pro-family leaders are disturbed and incensed over Wednesday's decision by an appellate court panel in San Francisco, which held that parents have "no fundamental right" to control their kids' upbringing by introducing them to sexual information "in accordance with their personal and religious values and beliefs." Nor, according to the panel, do mothers and fathers have the right to prevent their kids' exposure to sexual information whenever and however the school chooses.

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This is the same court/judge who decided against the Pledge of Allegiance in the Newdow case, fwiw.


Tony Perkins of FRC is right: the Ninth is the country's most overturned circuit. This won't go anywhere.

I can't make up my mind to go on fighting for the public schools. The people who do end up breaking their hearts and exhausting themselves, for what seems to be a very inadequate result.



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