And speaking of Christmas decorations....

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....when did inflatables take over the Christmas decoration world? Now, don't get me wrong, I think some of them are pretty cute (ask me about my 6 foot inflatable pink flamingo sometime!). But do the things BREED or something? Or are they addictive?

In the neighborhoods around my house, if you have one you must have at least FOUR of the things. One house on the way from our house to church has at least EIGHT of them in the yard!

Do you get a bulk discount?


Aaiiieeee! That's a lot of inflatables! (Not a fan of inflatables, can you tell?)

how much electricity do those things use?

not that i'm being crunchy or anything!

I rounded the corner at a shopping center yesterday and nearly screamed when I felt set upon by at least twenty different inflatables on display in front of a gardening store. I too am amazed; the growth in availability of these huge ugly things is geometric!

What gets me is when they're shut off and deflated during the daytime. Our neighbor has a Santa and a snowmen that spend the day looking like the chalk outlines where the bodies were discovered.



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