another smockservation: the cute factor

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things that can be incredibly cute at 6 months are not so terribly adorable at, say, 6 years.

a bald fuzzy head, no matter how much baby lotion you apply.
a wide toothless grin.
a wittle bit of baby juice.
poots ... in fact, pretty much every body fluid or function loses cuteness after about a year. but this observation is not limited to body fluids and functions. reactions to behavior are also influenced by the cute factor.

if baby gets too close and tries to nurse on, let's say, mom's nose, mom giggles lightheartedly and coos, "no-no, baby, you silly willy baby!" but, if a six year old tries to explore even their own nose, it's "NO! NO!" and not funny at all.

if baby kicks pawpaw in the groin, it's "whoa-hoooaa there, good buddy, you don't know your own strength!" follwed by a "that's m'boy" chuckle. a six year old kicks pawpaw in the groin, and he's likely to get kicked back.

baby squeals with delight during Mass, people sigh "ahhhhhhhh." but, if a six year old squeals with delight during Mass, mom and dad get the "can't you control your kid?" evil eye.




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