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...though I can't say I'm really all that surprised. Planned Barrenhood's newest offering? Condom keychains. Here's one example:


In case you can't read it, it says: "Condoms are cheaper than diapers."

And here's another:


These pictures are taken from Planned Parenthood Conneticut website store. You can see the other examples here. After all, who wouldn't want a condom keychain? Bleah.

(HT to Amy Welborn's Open Book blog. I'm sure you all already have her bookmarked!)


Oh nice. Sickies.

the funny thing is that condoms are not necessarily cheaper than diapers - just cheaper than using disposables over the long haul.
However, I really resent the idea that babies are an STD!

Condoms may be cheaper than diapers, but hardly as precious as the baby who wears them. Good old PP, reducing as always people to a price.

It's probably soon to call a couple anecdotes a trend, but I recently saw a picture in my old college dorm (now a co-ed one) of condoms attached to a large billboard with a picture of cute cartoon character, Mr. Condom Guy, next to them. Sounds like there's a plan afoot to try to take the 'ick' out of condoms and to mainstream them even more than they already are. To make them cool and fashionable. The culture of death continues.

Just vile.

i'm waiting for the anti-aged ads:

a bullet. cheaper than long term nursing facility care.



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