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....and the last post on books for a few minutes:

Have any of you ever made a reading list for yourself for a period of time, or do you all read whatever strikes you at the moment?


I use a hybrid approach: I have a mental list (in addition to the reading list for both the Lectura Dantis and the Lepanto League), but often will skip it if something else comes up.

I have never made a reading list and I think it's a cool idea - I'm awed at the amount of fine reading you were able to do last year MamaT! I usually read informational books on homeschooling, children, etc. (I've recently read some of The Well Trained Mind)depeding on what's going on around my house - rarely do I read something strictly for pleasure. It's just that time of my life I guess - take care of the kids now and later, as the kids get older, I can do more of what I want *sigh*.

Right now, I'm working on some of the Great Books. Reading one a month, so as to be a better-informed defender of Western Civ.
Up for January: Francis Bacon's "Essays", but I've got to find a non-facsimile version.
I'm incredibly lucky, as the spouse can order me anything I want to read, within reason.
It's good to be married to a librarian.

totally random, I read what strikes my fancy - unless I have a project that requires specific reading. But even then, I intersperse my required books with whatever I feel like.

i just want time to read.

Hi Mamma T

I go into bookshops and see what is new that I would like to read and then source many of my listed books from the local public library system or one of the academic libraries I have links to. Some I buy for myself but we have too many books at home and only so much space to store them. Currently whilst on break from my study I am reading exactly what I like for fun.

I make reading lists and I set goals for how many books to read in a certain period of time. i am truly geeky, i know.

Actually, if I read a review of something that looks interesting, or someone recommends a book to me, I put it on a list IMMEDIATELY. And then I look for it at the library, bookstore, or
I'm trying to get through that list, but to no avail because it keeps getting bigger.
And then, I'm always tempted to pick up other books along the way....

I read whatever Harold Bloom has written about.



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