iffin' i may say so myself...

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this is the sexiest piece of legal tender in the country if not the world. it's so bold, so masculine. i simply cannot get a TEXAS coin without rubbing on it and staring at it for an embarrassing length of time. maybe it's the history behind the coin; but i don't care which state you're from, you have to see the objective sexiness here.


Amen, sistah!

Just like the flag - a masterpiece of graphic design. I love it!
Proud Native Texan

That is one a sexy quarter- Jeff has a 4 inch lone star like that one tattooed between his ribs. It'll look good even when he's 80. Probably. ; )

I came a'lookin to see if y'all would have anything on the new movie "End of the Spear". I thought for sure y'all would have said something since at least one of you two is a big Elisabeth Elliot fan. I am going to try and go see it this weekend. I want to support fine Christian stories brought to the big screen.

Yep, I'm a big Elisabeth Elliott fan--and I'm interested in the movie. If you go see it this weekend, come and review it for us!!!!!

I haven't even seen the Texas coin yet! I need one. :) I just posted about Texas (farming) at my site, actually. Yahoo for the Lone Star State!

I have a question, though. I don't exactly recognize the cut behind the star. Is it some strange way of trimming a Porterhouse or a Tri-tip? Otherwise, yes, it is a fine quarter, for a quarter that doesn't have a condor, one of the most beautiful granite mountains in the world, and a nineteenth century Scottish hippy on it.



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