Like I need more to add to my list....

| | Comments (2) is a link to the "Best Books I Read in 2005" list from Ignatius Press folks.

While I can throw some of them out immediately--because I am far too stupid to read them profitably--others must be added to the burgeoning list. The list that is soon to have to be reprinted in the smallest type available to keep it "fittable" in my notebook.


(HT to TSO over at Video....(link to the right))


Thanks for the link! It's cool how they collected lists from different people. I had to laugh at Fr. Fessio's list, though - does he read nothing that normal people read? Does he read nothing in English? I think he's just showing off.

(Apparently, according to my sister, he plays a mean banjo. I guess that's a redeeming factor.)

Yep, Fr. Fessio is indeed a pretty good banjo player. And Fr. Mitch Pacwa (another Jesuit!) is a very good mandolin player. Perhaps there is a connection between bluegrass music and orthodoxy? ;-) Thanks for linking to the "Best Books..." list!

Carl Olson



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