My Saint for this year!


Moneybags of at A Catholic Life is doing an interesting thing. He's picking a saint of the year for anyone who asks. In effect, letting the "saint pick you" for the year. Then you commit to do some research on the saint, learn from them for the year, do appropriate novenas, ask advice, etc.

So, drumroll please, here's my saint for this year:

St. Augustine of Hippo

I think it must be because of that "make me holy, but not yet" thing.

Anyway, I found an "Augustine Day by Day" site that I am committed to reading each day. Won't it be wonderful to see what St. Augustine has to teach me?

Here's today's lesson:

On earth, we are wayfarers, always on the go. This means that we have to keep on moving forward. Therefore be always unhappy about what you are if you want to reach what you are not.

If you are pleased with what you are, you have stopped already. If you say; "It is enough," you are lost. Keep on walking, moving forward, trying for the goal. Don't try to stop on the way, or to go back, or to deviate from it.

-- Sermon 169, 18



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