Yee Haaaw, Ya'll!!!!!!!

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Can one man carry a whole football team on his back? Yes, if his name is Vince Young. By far the most exciting of the bowl games (sorry about my beloved Red Raiders, but truth is truth), we stayed up 'til the exciting finish last night. Then we sang "The Eyes of Texas" along with the fans in the Rose Bowl. Wow!
And here's another thing I know: in this picture Mack Brown should be doing more than hugging Vince Young. He should be kissin' him on the LIPS!


I sat here and ignored most of the game, but I watched the end. Football is starting to interest me, which is kind of scary ;)

That was the best, most exciting fotball game I've ever watched. Unfreakingbelievable.

Our beloved Buckeyes lost to Texas early in the season, but we were all rooting for you (since it would make us look better - ha). But way to go Longhorns. Even our local paper said the game was better than the surreally exciting Buckeye national championship game a few years back.

my trojans lost :( (I got my MSN at USC, the same year my eldest daughter got her BA from the same place)
Oh well. Too bad I forgot to actually watch the game in real time.....



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