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My friend, who just lost her mother, (the one that many of you were so gracious to pray for!), sent me the following, and has said that I might post is here:

Following are the lyrics to "Mom's Song" from the Stephen Schwartz musical Working. The song was written by Craig Carnelia and is sung in the show by the character Kate the Housewife. The lyrics were taken directly from the interview that Stephen Schwartz did with Mom in our kitchen in Arkansas. I have had the opportunity to see the show performed several times and must tell you that never, never has any actress come close to performing this with the passion and devotion my mother had when she spoke these words to Mr. Schwartz. Those of you who know her will be able to "hear" her in this song. I am proud to say that I, too, am "just a housewife" and I pray every day that I will be able to do it as selflessly as my mom has.

"Just a Housewife"
by Craig Carnelia

All I am is just a housewife
Nothing special, nothing great.
What I do is kinda boring
If you'd rather, it can wait.
All I am is someone's mother.
All I am is someone's wife.
All of which seems unimportant.
All it is is
Just my life.

Do the laundry, wash the dishes
Take the dog out, clean the house
Shop for groceries, look for specials
God, it sounds so Mickey Mouse.
Drop the kids off, pick the shirts up
Try to lose weight, try again
Keep the troops fed, pick their things up
Lose your patience, count to ten.

All I am is just a housewife
Just a housewife, nothing great.
What I do is "out of fashion"
What I feel is out of date.

All I am is someone's mother
Right away I'm not too bright.
What I do is unfulfilling
So the TV talk shows tell me every night.

I don't mean to complain at all
But they make you feel like you're two feet tall.
When you're just a housewife
All they see are the pots and pans
And the Pepsi cans of a person's life.
You're a "whiz" if you go to work
But you're just a jerk if you say you won't.
People say that they think it's fine
If the choice is mine
But you know they don't.
What I do, What I choose to do
May be dumb to you
But it's not to me.
Is it dumb that they need me there?
Is it dumb to care?
Cause I do, you see.
And I mean, did ya ever think,
Really stop and think,
What a job it was--
Doing all the things
That a housewife does?

I'm afraid it's unimpressive.
(All I am is someone's mother nothing special.)
What I do is
(Kinda dull)
Take the kids here
Take the kids there
I don't mean to complain at all
All I am is
Busy, busy
Every day
All I am is
Like my mother
All I am is
Just a housewife.


Everyday should be Mother's day.

Love this one ... and all of them really. I posted the "Waitress" - http://bayouquilts.blogspot.com/2005/09/tales-of-waiter-waitress-song.html#links - on my blog back in October. Terkel's book was wonderful, but the musical is still one of my favorite things of all time. Can't even listen to "The Millworker" without crying.



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