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....I like to look at our blog statistics. Now, that is a practice that I usually deny myself, because the more I look at statistics, the less happy I am with blogging. When I just write about what I'm reading, living or thinking, I'm a happy blogger. The minute I start worrying about "maybe I should write better" or "oh, I've gotta get something on the blog, good or not" I become dissatisfied with the process.

But once a month I do look at our statistics--mostly to see what search strings brought folks to the mamas. Some months they are just what you'd expect: someone searching for Summa Mamas, or Smock or Mama T.

But some months? You just shake your head. January was one of those months.

Some people came looking for "Anti-Bush bumper stickers". Hmmm. The only bumper stickers we ever have are anti-abortion stickers. The Mamas, while not overtly political on the blog, are not anti-Bush.

Some people came looking for "How long do Catholics leave up their Christmas decorations". Well, we've talked about when we put them up, but hardly at all about when they come down. For the record, we take down the tree, etc. on Epiphany (or shortly thereafter), but our nativity scenes are still up, and will be until after Candlemas (the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord) which is this Thursday. That's sort of the "official end" of the Christmas season.

Some people came looking for an "interview with Joan Osborne". Who is Joan Osborne?????

Some people came looking for "advertising motherhood" and we hope that we certainly do that.

Some people came looking for "barefoot and pregnant pictures" and we have one of those! Check the archives for the beautiful picture of Smock.

Some people came looking for "boudreaux jokes, dirty". Well, honey, we know some, but since we are ladies we don't tell 'em and we certainly wouldn't post them on a website.

And those people who came looking for "slutdates"? Go away.


I wonder whether the people looking for the b*refoot and pr*gnant pictures might be ones you want to go away, too. I hope it's innocent, but there's a whole lot of disturbing stuff out there on the Internet.

And Joan Osborne is the pop music singer who did that "(What if God Was) One of Us?" song around 1995. IIRC, she may have had a followup called "St. Theresa." I don't really know the lyrics of the second, and honestly don't know what I should make of the first as a Catholic...



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