Friday Feast, ya'll!

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If you were a color, which color would you be, and why?

When was the last time you went to the doctor, and what was your reason for going?

What do you collect?

Main Course
What were you like in high school? Name one thing you miss and one thing you don't miss about those days. (If you're still there, imagine how you'll remember it in the future.)

Pretend you're standing in front of your home, with your back towards your home. Describe the view - what can you see? Trees? Cars? A zoo? Wal-Mart?

I'll answer first in the comments box!


Color? Oh, come one, you all know the answer to this one: PINK. I'm pink because it's girly. It can be bold and electric or soft and comfortable. (Smock is the bold and electric, I'm the soft and comfortable.) And it looks just GREAT with sparkles.

Doctor? Haven't been in a long time. Need to go for a checkup. Maybe I'll look for that phone number.....

Collect? Pink flamingos, darlin'!

High school? Goody two shoes nerd. Valedictorian of my class. Miss? Not much that I can think of. It wasn't awful or anything, I just don't make a habit of missing what you can't go back to. Don't miss? See above.

View from my house? If I stand on my front porch, I look directly at the door to the food pantry at Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church immediately across the street. To the left is the school (and when the weather is good and they open the windows, we can hear children singing). To the right is the parking lot and the playground. And I can hear the bells playing a hymn every hour on the hour. It's nice.

Just the thing I need today!
COLOR: Well, my favorite color is red, but I think I am more of a light lavender. Thoughtful (to a fault), calm, but indecisive (does it want to be pink, or purple?).

DOCTOR: I think it was October, for my annual checkup.

COLLECT: Nothing, officially. When I was a child I had a "pencil collection." So INTRIGUING!

HIGH SCHOOL: I was fairly outgoing/friendly, smart, but not part of the "IN" party-crowd. I was a (gasp) Cheerleader. And Proud Of It! I miss? Being young! I don't miss: stupid girl squabbles.

CHEZ MOI: I see REALLY tall trees in mine & my neighbors' yards, AJ's blue plastic swing hanging from a branch, lots of birds flying over, and the cute little red brick house across the street.


Appetizer: Electric blue! It's the colour of my zappier moods.

Soup: Well, I ran into an old doctor a few months ago and had a nice time catching up . . . but if you're talking about a proper check up, I think it has been over a year since I have gotten one of those.

Salad: I collect YA novels.

Main Course: I was a complete Geek, though not quite an outcast, and I got my fair share of bullying. I don't miss that at all. However, I do miss all the old friends I have fallen out of touch with since graduation.

Dessert: We live in a condominium, so I'll have to stand at the balcony for this one. I see three Catholic schools (two for boys, one for girls), one Catholic hospital, two Catholic churches, and of course three big shopping centres. Only in the Philippines . . .



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