A CNA article on the Pastoral Letter.....


..... from the Archbishop of San Antonio on the occasion of his one year anniversary as archbishop can be found here.

A great snippet from it (and it reminded me of Steven Riddle, for some reason!) is here:

Archbishop Gomez began the letter proper by first challenging the faithful to delve more deeply into their faith in Jesus Christ.

“How strange it would be”, he said “if young man told his fiancée, ‘I know everything about you I want to know’ or a scholar said of her field of study, ‘I've learned as much as I wish’ or a music lover declared, ‘I've heard all the symphonies I care to hear.’ Is that how people in love talk?”

“It is the same with followers of Jesus Christ.” he stressed. Quoting Pope Benedict’s new encyclical God Is Love, he said that “the Holy Father…calls Jesus' dying for us on the cross ‘love in its most radical form.’ If we truly love Our Lord in return, we will want to know him better every passing day. Not wanting that would make our love seem doubtful at best.”



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