5 Hours in the Emergency Room and a Kick in the You Know Where from my Guardian Angel

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Yesterday we had to take the McKid to the emergency room. She has been battling gastroenteritis this week, and we finally lost the hydration battle. We couldn't keep enough fluids down her to make up for the upchuck fluid loss. We had been in contact daily with the nurse at the pediatrician's office and the nurse practitioner. Yesterday at 1:15, they decided it had gone on long enough and sent us to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

They hooked her up to an IV (three pokes to get it--the perils of dehydration!). That was hard. Watching a baby scream "They are hurting me Mama, make them stop!" when you can't make them stop is awful. I had one hand holding McKid and one hand holding McKid's mom--who was bravely trying not to cry herself.

After getting some antinausea drugs into her, and a bunch of fluid, we had to go off to get a sonogram of her tummy--because she was tender in the area of her appendix. Fortunately, that was just from throwing up.

She perked up miraculously--wonderful what a little moisture will do to a dried up kid! But I was sitting there whining (in my head--not out loud)--"Here I am in ANOTHER hospital waiting room. Why me and mine? How come all this is happening at once. I'm tired of it!" And waaah, waaah, waaah, on and on.

And then in my head, I heard Benjamin's voice (he's my guardian angel, you know). "Get over yourself, Terry. There are people in this very building living your worst nightmare. You and McKid and McKid's mama are all going home today. There are some here who will never go home." And that's true.

What a kick in the posterior. A lesson learned.

Thank you, Benjamin. Thank you, God. And I'm sorry I'm so hard headed.


Hi, Benjamin! :-)

Guardian angels are wonderful. They have the right perspective. I'm sorry you had to go through that at the hospital, though. **hugs**

Nothing like a guardian angel for putting things in perspective! I LOVE that you know his name also (which is something few people mention ... or maybe think of).

Also I'm so glad it all turned out ok with McKid. :-)

Great inspiration I needed after a tiring, but luckily healthy, weekend. Thanks.

Dear MamaT,

I know whereof you speak. A year or two back, Samuel, who is normally healthy as a horse came down with some bug that kept at him for what seemed like forever. We had to do the same thing and it is absolutely horrible. One thing it taught me is the pain we bear when we cannot take away pain. I would far prefer to have been the one throwing up and getting poked than to stand by and watch it happen to my son. It made me understand why God sent Jesus to us--because He was like me in the doctor's office with Sam--He saw how we were suffering and He wanted to take it all unto himself--one difference is that He COULD DO what He wanted to. Thus we have Jesus.





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