For Alicia: The hymns we sung Sunday - #1

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O Light of light, by love inclined,
Jesus, Redeemer of mankind,
with loving-kindness deign to hear
from suppliant voices praise and prayer.

Thou who to raise our souls from hell
didst deign in fleshly form to dwell,
vouchsafe us, when our race is run,
in thy fair body to be one.

More bright than day thy face did show,
thy raiment whiter than the snow,
when on the mount to mortals blest
man's maker thou was manifest.

Two prophets, that had faith tosee,
with thine elect found company,
where unto each, divinely shown,
the Godhead veiled in form was known.

The heavens above his glory named,
the Father's voice his Son proclaimed;
to whom, the King of glory now,
all faithful hearts adoring bow.

May all who seek thy praise aright
through purer lives show forth thy light;
so to the brightness of the skies
by holy deeds our hearts shall rise.

Eternal God, to thee we raise,
the King of kings, our hymn of praise,
who Three in One and One in Three
doth live and reign eternally.

This one was hard to sing--you can hear the tune here.


much appreciated
it is well with my soul to read these wonderful hymns
trust me, you don't want to know what I've been suffering through - lenten penance!
I did have the temerity to speak up and aks the music director to consider the possibility that it is easy to make 'ashes' have some major heresies........
Give me "40 days and 40 nights" (sung to "Heinlein"). The entrance hymn should reflect the liturgical antiphon. The other hymns should relate to the scriptures and/or the feast day. And all should work together as praise, petition, sacrifice and prayer. I detest self-aggrandizing so-called hymns. I have real issues with first person God lyrics (although I do have to admit a real sneaking fondness for "I am the Bread of Life", even though it is Jesus, not I, who is the bread of life!).
Sorry it has taken me this long to see these posts. My allergic reaction Sunday caused my R eye to swell up to the point where I could not see clearly, and the benadryl knocked me for several loops. Monday I was started on steroids and they are making me a wired. Went back to work Tuesday and have been playing catch-up since. Time to take my bedtime dose of methylprednisone and hope that no one comes in to birth a baby tonight.......



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